Wolfdietrich Prelinger


Specialist Lawyer for Medical Law
Specialist Lawyer for Traffic Law
Specialist Lawyer for Insurance Law

Address:Englerallee 40
D-14195 Berlin (Germany)

Phone:+49 (0)30-89 50 34 80
Fax:+49 (0)30-89 50 34 81

I am a registered Attorney and furthermore officially certified expert (“Specialist Lawyer”) under German Law for the legal fields of Traffic Law, Medical Law and Insurance Law.

As of January 1st, 2015, only 29 of 13.774 lawyers in Berlin and only 693 of 163.513 lawyers in Germany had three official Certifications as “Specialist Lawyer”.

Our clients consist primarily of insurance companies, health insurances and individuals.
We represent both in court and extrajudicially.

German Law is exclusively applicable to a legal services contract with us and the obligations deriving from it.

Traffic Law

In traffic, serious accidents often occur, requiring regulation of extensive current and future claims. Usually there are significant technical and medical difficulties in proving the circumstances of the accident and the resulting injuries.

We advise our clients on the settlement of claims for persons and property after such accidents, especially in case of major losses with serious permanent consequences.

In particular, we support claims that touch upon international law.

Medical Law

In medical law we support the regulation of claims for damages against physicians and hospitals due to malpractice.

We also settle claims against producers of defective medical devices.

Insurance Law

We represent insurance companies and policyholders in disputes relating to insurance contracts and damage events where insurance claims apply.